American Homestead®

Innovative Window Platform

American Homestead® Windows

The American Homestead innovative window platform includes a wide range of models to meet your design and manufacturing needs. Most models come in 5/8”, ¾” and 7/8” IG glass, equal or unequal lite, and various mull systems. All models come with interior and exterior accessory grooves, C Core® composite reinforcements and fully welded sash and frames. Designed to meet your fabrication requirements.

One of the most popular window models part of the American Homestead® is the 9230/9280 Series. This series includes a double hung, single hung, double and single sliders, and picture window as well as a T-mullion system for multiple units with continuous head and sill. The hung units feature a sloped sill with weather strip pocket that efficiently channels away water, plus full-length weather stripping in the meeting rails to significantly reduce air infiltration.


  • Models include: Double Hung, Single Hung, Two- and Three-lite Horizontal Sliders (XX, XO, XOX) Basement Hopper and Picture Window.
  • Welded frame and sash enhances structural integrity and increases weatherability.
  • Available in replacement configurations.
  • Subtle accessory grooves come standard so you can securely accommodate trim and other attachments. Multiple accessories available.
  • Accepts 5/8″, 3/4″ and 7/8″ insulated glass.
  • The sill is engineered for high water performance.
  • A beveled exterior offers a pleasant, aesthetic design.
  • Our T-Mullion system provides a continuous head and sill for multiple unit design.
  • The optional Structural Mull system adds additional strength to multiple window combinations when required.
  • Dual Weatherstripping at stiles, interlock, head and sill provides extra protection against air-infiltration and enhances the energy efficiency.
  • Utilizes Chelsea’s C Core® composite reinforcement.
  • The sash is SDL (Simulated Divided Lite) bar compatible.
  • Meets AAMA Grade 35 structural test standards with upgrades available to meet Grade 50.
  • Capable of Light Commercial applications.


Test Standard – AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A440.11, NAFS

  • Tested to H Class LC-PG25 (44″ x 75″)
  • Tested to H Class LC-PG35 (44″ x 75″)
  • Tested to H Class LC-PG35 (40″ x 63″)
  • Tested to H Class LC-PG50 (40″ x 63″)


  • The 9230/80 performs to a U-Factor result with a range from 0.24 to 0.47
  • The 9230/80 performs to a SHG result with a range from 0.21 to 0.63