Chelsea Extruded Profiles

All Types of Windows Use Chelsea Extruded Profiles!

Over the years we have developed hundreds of innovative products by listening to what our customers need. Combine that with industry research and a new product is formulated. This partnership in innovation cultivates a true partnership with our customers, translating their ideas into leading-edge products.

The Advantages of Chelsea Extruded Window Profiles are Built In.

For manufacturers and fabricators offering high-quality, reliable and high performance building products, the Chelsea advantages come standard.

  • New construction, replacement or both
  • Residential, commercial, manufactured housing
  • Thermal performance requirements
  • Structural performance requirements
  • Impact requirements
  • Aesthetics
  • Maximum insulated glass thickness required
  • Compatibility with existing products
  • Fabrication requirements
  • Cost criteria
  • Models within the system, i.e., Casement, Patio, Door, Vertical and Horizontal sliders, etc…

Chelsea Makes Extruded Profiles That Make Sense.

Whether you’re developing a new window system, or building a new product out of existing designs, your extruded vinyl and PVC composite profiles must exceed industry demands and surpass existing standards of durability and design for new construction or replacement windows. Trust a company that has engineered and extruded thousands of unique profiles and millions upon millions of lineal feet of window profile components for fabricators and manufacturers nationwide.

Extruded Profiles Used Throughout New Or Replacement Construction Applications.

Chelsea Building Products is a leading-edge developer and manufacturer of extruded vinyl profiles, with dozens of proven existing product lines for windows, doors, mouldings, shutters, composite flooring and more.