Additional Support

Decades of Experience

Chelsea Quality

Chelsea products begin with quality materials. We worked to develop the advanced compounds and enhanced formulations used in the production of Chelsea products. All Chelsea products are made with our special proprietary formulations to ensure the optimum product performance and durability.

Our work begins with these advanced materials and formulations. This is coupled with a total quality control program (TQM) that includes not only raw material and finished product inspection along with a comprehensive statistical process control program, but even the fabrication of all parts in fabrication dies to ensure proper fit and processing of every Chelsea window and door system.

Chelsea’s engineering and tool and die professionals maintain total control of both the design and manufacturing of the extrusion dies and calibrators used in the production of our lineals which enable us to maintain a high standard of quality throughout the extrusion process.

Chelsea extrusions pass the most stringent industry standards and are even certified through the industry’s latest and most comprehensive lineal certification and inspection program.

Product Support

  • Chelsea has one of the broadest product lines in the industry designed to meet virtually any of your product needs. With hundreds of different window and door systems, Chelsea can provide a window and door program for you or design to your building product needs.
  • Product testing and certification to current industry standards
  • Chelsea has one of the most comprehensive product and materials research and development programs in the industry. This provides you with the finest in product formulation and the latest in product advances for your product program.

Technical Support

A comprehensive program of technical support from experienced personnel is available from Chelsea to assist you in virtually every area of your product selection and production process.

  • We can assist in your product evaluation and selection process to ensure the best product for your needs.
  • Our team can provide you with pre-production planning, design, layout and vendor assistance.
  • To provide you with the optimum transition to vinyl window and door manufacturing, Chelsea can provide start-up production assistance including:
    • Set-Up
    • Factory Training
    • Initial Production Assistance

CAD & Design Assistance

In house capabilities include CAD design, thermal and structural analysis, profile rendering and prototyping; plus final development of innovative, customized extruded profiles.

  • Selection or development of fabrication tooling and equipment, start-up guidance and personnel training.
  • Proven staff with decades of profile development, design, engineering, manufacturing, sales, marketing and support experience.
  • Technical services, tooling development, line production development, training, consulting, sales and marketing; all under one roof.