PVC Window Components

An Alternative to Wood Frame and Sash

About Cellular Window Profiles

Cellular frame and sash profiles are made out of PVC material.  It can be used as a material substitute for wood and composite double hung windows. Our traditional wood-look cellular window components are extruded using high-quality exterior grade cellular PVC material. The final product is durable, low-maintenance, and provides long-lasting beauty. We developed cellular profiles because we wanted an energy-efficient, pre-finished, non-rot replacement for wooden sash and frames in double hung windows.

Cellular Sash as a Solution for Double Hung Window Sash Replacement

Cellular Sash is an ideal solution for double hung window sash replacement. We provide several customization options for our window sash. Our cellular sash has interlocking meeting rails with an optional weatherstrip included. This weatherstrip provides additional protection against air infiltration between sash. The cellular sash also includes optional SDL bars that can upgrade the appearance of windows. It can be used as an excellent replacement for wooden sash, and as an alternative to other types of sashes.

Benefits of Cellular Sash

  • Extruded (not machined) using the finest, exterior grade cellular PVC material.
  • Strong and durable material resists splitting and cracking.
  • Low maintenance and long-lasting beauty.
  • Material is not affected by rain, snow, or salt and is resistant to mold and mildew.
  • The sash parts are resistant to insects, including termites.
  • Energy efficient cellular sashes will be a feature for consumer sales.
  • The specially formulated compound used to extrude the cellular sash is UV-resistant.
  • Traditional wood-look complements any design.
  • No painting necessary since all profiles have a matte, non-gloss finish. However, custom painting can add a decorative touch to your window. Oil or latex paints made for vinyl products are recommended. Simply follow the paint manufacturers application instructions and recommendations.
  •  Accepts 3/4″ and 11/16″ insulated glass.

Why Choose Cellular Sash for Double-Hung windows?

Consumers are increasingly more focused on energy-efficient windows for a variety of reasons. Often consumers want more energy-efficient windows in order to save money on their heating and cooling bills. Consumers also want windows that are resistant to damage caused by weather such as heat, rain, hail, snow, and insects. Often consumers want wooden windows, but dislike the maintenance required to maintain them. Wooden sash is typically prone to rot, and is less mold and mildew resistant. To keep wooden sash in shape, it is necessary to perform regular maintenance. This required maintenance leads to increased costs and more problems for consumers.

Our cellular sash provides the ideal solution for your customers. Our exterior-grade cellular PVC profiles match milled wood window components. Not only does our cellular sash make double hung windows more energy-efficient, it also provides greater insulation and protection against heat, hail, snow, and rain. Our cellular sash is mildew and mold resistant, as well as insect-resistant, including termites. It is complementary to a variety of designs, and provides a wood-look finish.

It’s easy to work with our cellular sash. The profiles are extruded and shipped to the window manufacturer ready to mortise and tenon, glazed and assembled into a finished window. The finished product is low-maintenance and is water resistant. This product comes ready to put into your window production line to save you time, labor and finishing costs.

Case Study


Wood window manufacturers were seeking a low-maintenance, pre-finished, non-rot solution to wood, but there were no products that could fulfill this need.


Our team fulfilled this need by creating a strong, weather-resistant, yet beautiful window sash that delivers more energy-efficient windows. Our cellular sash parts have a beautiful wood-look that wooden sashes have, but have the advantages of cellular PVC material.

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