C Core® Composite Reinforcement

PVC Composite Reinforcement

About C Core® Composite Reinforcement

C Core® Composite Reinforcement is a PVC composite reinforcement for vinyl windows and doors. Our team developed this reinforcement using a proprietary, scientifically engineered PVC composite called C Core®. Our goal was to create an energy-efficient reinforcement that could replace aluminum and steel reinforcements. Using C Core® technology, we created a composite reinforcement that has superior thermal and structural performance.

Why is Composite Reinforcement Better than Metal Reinforcement?

Composite reinforcements provide several advantages that metal reinforcements cannot. There are many advantages to using composite reinforcement over metal reinforcement:

  • Provides greater flexibility in manufacturing
  • Cheaper to produce
  • Less volatility with pricing
  • Lighter than metal reinforcements
  • More durable than metals, won’t corrode or rust
  • Allow for greater part consolidation
  • Easier to fabricate
  • Recyclable

How we Developed C Core® Composite Reinforcement

Manufacturers often choose to use metal reinforcements when building PVC windows and doors. Metal reinforcements are poor at insulating against heat and cold, leading to higher energy bills and increased costs for manufacturers. Window manufacturers were searching for a better and more thermally efficient alternative to metal reinforcement for sash profiles and saw no product in the market that could meet this need.

Case Study


A window manufacturer came to us looking for an alternative to metal reinforcement. They wanted our team to create a product that was better performing thermally and more eco-friendly than metal reinforcement.


Our team created a reinforcement solution that addressed the issues with metal reinforcement. Our composite reinforcement is easy to fabricate, more energy efficient and provides a unique selling feature. Because C Core® is PVC based, and not a metal, the price is not as volatile. Fabricators don’t have to order 1000’s of pounds at a time and can have the product delivered on the same truck as their profiles. This saves money in inventory carrying and freight costs.

Differentiate your product with C Core® Composite Reinforcement

Using C Core® composite reinforcement for your vinyl window and door products will make them more energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and durable. Your fabrication costs will be reduced drastically because PVC is less expensive than metals like aluminum and steel. Our composite reinforcement is easy to fabricate yet doesn’t compromise on performance. Replace inefficient and expensive metal reinforcement with our cutting-edge composite PVC reinforcement.

Benefits of C Core® Technology:

  • C Core® is far more thermally efficient than metal such as aluminum or steel, showing an improvement exceeding 12%!
  • Unlike fiberglass, C Core® has the ability to be recycled, reformulated and re-used.
  • C Core® is PVC based, so it can be cut on the same saws as other PVC material.
  • C Core® does not have to be isolated on the production floor like metal or fiberglass products have to be.
  • Can be shipped with your regular PVC lineal orders.
  • C Core® can be placed closer to the sash corner adding reinforcement to tilt latches.

See C Core® Composite Reinforcement in Action

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