DuraTrust® 900 Series

Innovative Window Platform

DuraTrust® 900 Series

As part of the Trust Series, DuraTrust® can accommodate multiple sash platforms. A robust product line including DH, DS, PW, SH, SH, hopper, casement, and patio door. Designed for new construction as well as replacement, the product performs to both residential and commercial requirements.


  • -1/4″ frame available for replacement and new construction
  • 3/4″ – 1″ IG capable
  • Models include: DH, DS, SH, SS, PW, Casement, Awning, PD
  • Sash contains unique OG detail on glazing leg
  • NC frame includes nailing fin and j-channel
  • Utilizes Ccore® reinforcement technology
  • Interior laminates and exterior coatings available
  • Skeletal structural mull system available
  • Structural test: R-50, LC-50, Impact Zone 3
  • Thermal test 0.29 (7/8″ IG, Low-E, Argon, thermally improved spacer)


Heritage Sash – offers a beautiful OG look to the interior of the sash