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PVC Composite Reinforcement

PVC Composite Reinforcement


Window fabricators asked for a better thermally efficient alternative to metal reinforcement for sash profiles. The thermal performance constraints of metal reinforcements result in diminished thermal performance.


A composite reinforcement for vinyl windows and doors utilizing Ccore®

a proprietary, scientifically engineered PVC composite.

  • Chelsea Building Products developed Ccore® Reinforcement made from a proprietary PVC composite formulation
  • PVC’s thermal properties are superior to both aluminum and steel
  • The extruded profile virtually fills the cavity, significantly reducing the occurrence for convection within the cavity air space
  • Can be fabricated on same equipment as PVC profiles
  • Provides further support to tilt latches, making the sash corner stronger
  • Can be recycled


  • Chelsea created a reinforcement solution that addressed the issues with metal. It’s easy to fabricate, more energy efficient and provides a unique selling feature. Because Ccore is PVC based, and not a metal, the price is not as volatile. Fabricators don’t have to order 1000’s of pounds at a time and can have the product delivered on the same truck as their profiles. This saves money in inventory carrying and freight costs.