Case Studies




Wood trim moulding is used to provide visual detail to exterior structures. The cost of wood and preparing wood millwork continues to rise, while sustainable forests are rapidly depleting. Wood can rot, bow and decay plus needs regular maintenance. A large extruder of cellular sheet and boards asked Chelsea Building Products if we could develop a cellular PVC mouldings solution to reduce the cost of laminating and milling boards into mouldings.


Chelsea Building Products developed an extruded cellular PVC moulding product line to replace wooden millwork. Mouldings are extruded with composite cellular rather than machined from wood. Extruded cellular PVC moulding offers uniformity and durability that makes them an attractive alternative to wood.

  • Consistent cell structure throughout the profile
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Weatherable material system that does not require painting
  • Insect resistant
  • Does not rot or warp
  • Unique surface finish that looks like painted wood
  • Surface can be painted if desired
  • Cuts, fastens and finishes like wood