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Chelsea Building Products took on the challenge of developing a window system that optimizes thermal and structural performance as well as efficiencies in fabrication. Create a window system that was feature rich and met the needs of the new construction, remodeling, residential and commercial market segments.


The inoview™ window series meets current and future Energy Star performance requirements. The unique multi-hollow profile, plus other features, enhances the thermal, structural, water, air, and sound performance while maintaining a clean, low-profile, and classic appearance.

  • Low profile, multi-chamber design
  • Increased structural performance
  • Meets and exceeds current and future Energy Star ratings without foam filling or expensive high performance glass or gasses.
  • Up to 1 ¼” glazing capacity
  • Allows for maximum daylight
  • ¾” balance capabilities for larger units
  • Suitable for Light Commercial and Residential applications
  • Models include Single hung, double hung, single slider, double slide and picture window