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Efficiencies in Plant Design

Efficiencies in Plant Design


​When window fabricators begin manufacturing a new product line, it can cost a significant amount of money to integrate the assembly line for efficient production. Fabricators need to increase capacities and efficiencies in their existing manufacturing facility to increase profitability and quality.


Chelsea Building Products’ Technical Service team studies the current manufacturing operation and then provides a blueprint of the systematic and functional arrangement of the various machines and equipment found throughout their entire window manufacturing plant. This provides a more efficient streamlined assembly line while reducing the cost of labor. The new customized plant layout is created to use all available resources in an organized multi-tiered manner to get the optimum efficiency and productivity out of the manufacturing facility.

  • Increase labor efficiency
  • Decrease labor costs
  • Most efficient use of the available manufacturing floor footprint
  • Continuous flow manufacturing, reducing WIP (work-in progress)