Ccore® Reinforcement

Composite Reinforcement

Ccore® Reinforcement

Chelsea Building Products developed a composite reinforcement for vinyl windows and doors utilizing Ccore® material technology. This thermally efficient reinforcement, designed to replace metal reinforcements, was developed using a proprietary, scientifically engineered PVC composite.

  • Ccore® is far more thermally efficient than metal (like aluminum or steel), showing an improvement exceeding 12%! This specially formulated composite reinforcement uses 100% Chelsea specially formulated compounds. We are able to use our recycled PVC in this product. Unlike fiberglass, Ccore® has the ability to be recycled, reformulated and re-used.
  • Structural performance grades of DP-50 can be achieved in remodeling and some light commercial Double Hung products.
  • The Ccore® composite reinforcement is a patented polymer which, in combination with precisely engineered geometry, creates a product that delivers superior thermal and structural performance.
  • Can be shipped with your regular PVC lineal orders.
  • Ccore® is PVC based, so it can be cut on same saws as other PVC material. Plus, it does not have to be isolated on the production floor like metal or fiberglass product has to be.
  • Ccore® can be placed closer to the sash corner adding reinforcement to tilt latches.

Additional advantages include:

  • Wide variety of shapes and sizes
  • No painting necessary
  • Cuts and fastens just like wood
  • Matte, non-gloss finish
  • Easy low-maintenance
  • Exterior grade cellular PVC material
  • Cellular profiles are UV-resistant
  • Resistant to rot and mildew
  • Won’t crack, flake, peel