8000 Series Restoration Pro

The 8000 Series features a strong multi-cavity, 3-1/4" frame and high performance sash design that accommodates a 1" IG. The program includes a matching double slider and picture window. Sash design accepts blinds between the glass, SDL bars and many of the latest hardware designs. Frames are available for replacement and new construction and performs to residential and light commercial structural requirements.


  • Models include: Double Hung, Single Hung, Horizontal Slider and Picture Window.
  • Welded frame and sash enhances structural integrity and increases weatherability.
  • Available in new construction and replacement configurations.
  • Double Hung is offered in both equal and unequal glass configurations.
  • Accepts up to 1" insulated glass.
  • A beveled exterior offers a pleasant, aesthetic design.
  • The sash/glazing bead accommodates SDL (Simulated Divided Lite), GBG (Grills Between Glass) and blinds between the glass.
  • The sill is engineered for high water performance.
  • Robust interlock design with full-length dual weatherstrip.
  • Structural mull system available.
  • For use in residential and light commercial applications.
  • Lock rail can accommodate integral lock and tilt latch hardware.
  • Subtle accessory grooves come standard so you can securely accommodate trim and other attachments. Multiple accessories available.
  • For ease of new construction installation, it comes with an integral pre-punched nailing fin.
  • Our T-Mullion system provides a continuous head and sill for multiple unit designs.
  • Triple Weatherstripping in key areas provide extra protection against air-infiltration and enhances the energy efficiency.
  • Meets Zone 3 Impact rating.


  • Test Standard - AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A440-08 NAFS
  • Tested to H Class R-PG55 (40" x 63")
  • Light Commercial Rated PG50 (52" x 72")


  • The 8000 performs to a U-Factor result with a range from 0.20 to 0.44
  • The 8000 performs to a SHG result with a range from 0.18 to 0.58

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